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How to change your JBJS password
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Step 1

From the JBJS Store sign-in screen, use the ‘Forgot password?’ link to create a new password




Step 2


You will be asked to verify your email address before you can change your password. Enter your email in the box and select 'Send verification code.'

Please note the verification code is only valid for 5 minutes. Make sure that you have access to the email associated with your existing JBJS account before initiating password reset. You will receive a verification code in order to complete the process. The verification code will come from [email protected] on behalf of JBJS, so be sure to either white list this address or check junk/spam folders if you do not receive a verification email.



Step 3


Copy the verification code from your email.




Step 4


Paste the verification code into the box and select 'Verify Code.'




Step 5


Set your password and press 'Continue' to finish.





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