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What is JBJS Clinical Classroom?

Go to to learn more.


What is the cost to purchase JBJS Clinical Classroom?

The cost to purchase all subspecialty modules is $179. Each individual subspecialty module is available for $99.


What subspecialty areas are included in JBJS Clinical Classroom?

There are 10 subspecialty modules available for purchase: Adult Hip Reconstruction, Adult Knee Reconstruction, Basic Science & Pathology, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Pediatrics, Shoulder & Elbow, Spine, Sports Medicine, and Trauma. There is an additional Ethics module that comes free with the purchase of any of the other subspecialty modules.


Is JBJS Clinical Classroom appropriate for orthopaedic residents?

Yes, JBJS Clinical Classroom can provide knowledge in all subspecialty areas and can help with preparation for Part I of the Board examination.


Does JBJS Clinical Classroom provide CME credits or credits towards MOC?

All our questions have been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.  You receive 1 credit for every 6 questions you answer correctly.

The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery has approved JBJS Clinical Classroom as a self-assessment examination for the Maintenance of Certification. If you wish to submit credits earned in JBJS Clinical Classroom, please email for a certificate documenting your scored and recorded SAE credits.


What is the maximum number of CME credits I can earn from JBJS Clinical Classroom?

You earn CME credits based on the number of questions you answer correctly. You will earn 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit for every 6 questions you answer correctly.


I have already purchased JBJS Clinical Classroom. How do I sign in?

Go to and log in with your JBJS account information. Once you are there, you can bookmark the page for easy access.
Note: Updates to email address are not permissible at this time. Changes will result in temporary loss in view of the data. Fix requires reverting back to the original email. Please contact Customer Support, (781) 449-9780 Option 2  with questions and/or concerns.


How long do I have access to JBJS Clinical Classroom once I have purchased the product?

Your purchase term is one full year of access to the product.  You will have access to your CME transcripts for up to six years after your term expires. You will receive an email when your access is due to expire.


Is there an ‘app’ for JBJS Clinical Classroom?

Yes, JBJS Clinical Classroom is available for free from the App Store for iPhones and iPads, as well as Google Play for Android devices. You will need to purchase the product first  ( before you can access it using the app.


How many questions are in JBJS Clinical Classroom?

There are over 3,500 questions in 10 subspecialty areas in JBJS Clinical Classroom


How can I ‘reset’ the product once I have answered all the questions in a module?

JBJS Clinical Classroom is an adaptive learning product and is designed to only show you content from learning objectives that you have not mastered. Your learning is more efficient and effective because you are focusing on content that you do not know and not content that you have already mastered!

There is no way to reset your account to view the questions again, but you may use the ‘Recharge’ feature to update and reinforce your knowledge. The ‘Recharge’ feature is only available once you have answered 20 questions.

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